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5 Sexy scents for summer

5 Sexy scents for summerMeet your next scent: it’s complex and sultry, with a heavenly rose base.

If rose notes make you think of granny, you’d better reconsider. Here’s why we – and the world’s top perfumers – are loving roses more than ever.

1 They’re precious 

It takes 30 000 rose petals (which are picked in the early morning to preserve the scent) to make 30g of essential oil.

2 They highlight other notes

Perfumers often use rose in the backgrounds of their fragrances to emphasise some elements and soften others, like musk and moss.

3 They’re luxurious, but discreet

Brands use rose to scent everything, from powders to lipsticks and creams.

Below you’ll find five fragrances will have you coming up roses this season.

Emmy is the daughter of a sailor, animal loving, coffee addicted, beauty product junkie editor of Rouge.

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