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3 Ingredients you need for radiant skin

3 Ingredients you need for radiant skinIf you are anything like us, you are obsessed with skin care. But if you had to really boil it down, the one product we can’t live without is serums.

Serums make use of  active ingredients that can penetrate multiple layers of the skin unlike creams and lotions, which truth be told, just sit on top of the skin. If you want to see real changes in your skin then you have to reach for formulas that contain essential nutrients for a more ‘intense’ treatment. To give your skin the rejuvenation it needs, add serums with these powerhouse radiant-skin ingredients to your routine.


A serum or moisturiser that contains anti-ageing antioxidants should brighten your complexion in about a month. If you’re going for a serum, just and a few drops and smooth over skin morning or night (depending on the type of serum you have).


Ceramides reinforce your skin’s natural moisture barrier to keep it hydrated. The soughing enzymes in your skin need water to function effectively.


They smooth the surface of the skin, increase collagen production and even out pigmentation to make skin reflect light better. Use prescription or non-prescription formula nightly.

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