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Kim K just went ombre! Here’s how to perfect the look

Kim Kardashian-WestOmbre hair had its moment in the spotlight throughout 2014 and well into 2015 but since then, the fad has died down. That’s until two days ago when Kim Kardashian posted a Snapchat of a midnight hair appointment – sporting new ombre locks! And if Kim K is bringing it back, we’re definitely there too! Her stylist Caesar Ramirez says that Kim’s hair is a more modern take on the old (really? It was a year ago!) trend, with a more grown-up rock ‘n’ roll look.

But ombre can go really wrong, really quickly. That’s why we’ve compiled this handy checklist to make sure your hair looks just as fabulous as if you’d had a personal stylist working on it too.

DON’T go drastic!

This look is all about a natural finish (even if you decide baby blue or bright pink will look way hotter than blonde or red). The change from one colour to the other should be gradual.

DO choose the correct shades

Sure, grey may look cool on Tavi Gevinson, but opting for a shade three to four times lighter than your own will make your hair look more balanced and natural. And it will stop Suzy in HR from questioning why she ever hired you.

DO play with layers

Getting a good chop will help loads to contrast the play of colours with your natural texture. The blending takes place when the top layers of your hair bounce and swing to expose the bottom layers.

DON’T forget about maintenance

While the whole point of the ombre look is for your hair to appear as though colour has grown out, you still need to take some care of the style. A few colour touch-ups and regular hair masks will ensure your colour stays fresh and your hair remains nourished.

DO consult a pro

Hair kits are aplenty these days but the best solution to get a well-balanced, perfect finish is to consult an expert. Take a picture of the type of hair colour you want along and ask them to match it as close as possible.

DON’T be afraid to experiment

While ombre works best on longer lengths, short-haired girls can rejoice as the likes of bloggers such as Anouska from prove that with the right colour selection, this style works on shorter hair too.

Ready to follow in Kim K’s footsteps? Read our 10 hair colour tips first!

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