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#Nowtrending: Peek-a-boo braids

#Nowtrending: Peek-a-boo braidsWe’re pretty sure that this doesn’t come as a surprise… we have a serious obsession with plaits! And while we LOVE complex braided styles, we don’t always have 30 minutes to spend weaving our locks in front of the mirror.

So, when we spotted the super cute (and understated) peek-a-boo braids that pro stylist Paul Hanlon created for the runway last season, we knew we had hit the hair jackpot!

This look is low-key yet still chic. But, best of all, it’s so easy to do at home.

1 Blowdry first

Comb a dollop of medium-hold mousse through dry (yes, dry!) strands on the ends. Then blast it with a dryer. Basically you want to smooth the roots so they lie flat, and rough-dry the ends.

2 Now curl 

Use a medium-barrelled curling iron to make waves throughout. But DON’T curl the hair all the way down. Leave the ends straight so that the style doesn’t get too perfect.

3 Plait randomly

Make your braids… wherever you want to! They should be about 4cm think and start somewhere near the nape of your neck.

Looking for more plait styles to try out? Take a look at these braided ‘dos for inspo. 

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