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5 Beauty boo-boos to avoid before your big day

5 Beauty boo-boos to avoid before your big dayYour wedding day is probably the most photographed day of your life. You want to make sure you look good from every angle, glowing and radiating happiness. Avoid these mistakes to make sure that you don’t suffer any beauty blues as the day approaches.

1 DON’T try to look like someone else

With so many suggestions from all angles – your mom, your mother-in-law-to-be, your bridesmaids, hairdresser, makeup artist – it can feel a little overwhelming. Stand firm. If you’re the kind of girl who never wears makeup, go with a natural look for the day – there’s no point rocking smokey eyes and a crimson lip now. If you never wear your hair up, an intricate updo is not for you. You want your groom to still recognise the woman he fell in love with. It helps to have pictures and a moodboard of looks you love. That way, everyone has a visual reference of what you want.

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2 DON’T apply self-tan for the first time the day before

Applying self-tan is higher grade. Even celebs who do it all the time have been caught with streaks. This is a beauty skill that takes time, practice and confidence. No matter what the bottle says, it can still be streaky if not applied properly. If you want to be bronze but don’t want the telltale signs (hello, brown marks between your fingers), go to a pro! Visit a spray tan specialist two days beforehand, wear loose, dark clothing and don’t shower for eight hours after to make sure it lasts.

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3 DON’T change your skin routine days before

Tempting as it is with the promise of radiance, changing up your skincare now could lead to unexpected reactions, redness or bumps. Stick to what’s working and exfoliate every two to three days in the weeks leading up to your wedding for a little help in the glow department.

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4 DON’T try a new hair colour close to the big day

Plan your look with your stylist six months beforehand. That way, you can map out a plan and decide whether you want to go longer, lighter, darker or return to your natural texture. If you’re going to use extensions, ensure they match your hair colour exactly. Your stylist can work with you to achieve your dream look and provide expert advice on maintenance.

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5 DON’T stress out

Here’s what stress does to you: your body releases cortisol, which affects a whole lot of hormones. This results in breakouts, flare up skin conditions, like eczema, and can even cause rashes and hives. Lack of sleep can also cause puffy eyes, dark circles and a dull complexion. Do you need any more reasons to take time out for yourself? Do something that relaxes you, eat well and get as much sleep as you can.

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