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Watch Danielle Clough’s fabulous Gucci #24HourAce video!

Danielle CloughWe’re so proud of South African artist, Danielle Clough who was chosen to participate in Gucci’s latest video project, #24HourAce!

Creatives from around the world were invited to contribute a #24HourAce video using Gucci’s famous tennis shoe, the Ace sneaker as the theme. Each artist produced a short film which was posted to the official Gucci Instagram account.

Danielle did our country proud by creating the incredible video below (we would do anything for a pair of these embroidered sneakers!).

Danielle Clough (@fiance_knowles) for #24HourAce The Cape Town-based artist Danielle Clough turns craft into art with her embroidery and felting. She can turn multicolored thread and fabric into anything, from a human portrait to dynamic animal imagery. This is fiber art, and Clough spreads it over tennis rackets as easily as shoes or clothing. The handmade results are delicate and colorful, splashes of inspiration in the city landscape. For #GucciAce, Danielle adapts Alessandro Michele’s sneaker embroidery, echoing his bees and flowers with her own renderings of birds and fruit, plus felt baubles swinging from the laces. Sneakers, after all, are a reflection of the self, and they should be as customizable and as individual as the wearer. #24HourAce -@kchayka See more #24HourAce videos through link in bio.

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