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4 Easy ways to upgrade a low ponytail

The easiest hairstyle ever just got prettier! Update your ponytail with these four tips.

4 Easy ways to upgrade a low ponytail1 Wrap hair around the elastic

After you’ve secured your low ponytail, simply twist a thin strand of hair around the band and secure with a bobby pin underneath. 

4 Easy ways to upgrade a low ponytail2 Add a side plait

Grab a section of hair from the side of your head and do an inverted or French plait all the way to the nape of your neck. Fasten with the rest of the ponytail. 

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4 Easy ways to upgrade a low ponytail3 Twist the lengths

Once you’ve tied your elastic, twist your ponytail as if you’re about to make a bun. Secure a half knot at the top of your head, but let the rest of your hair hang free. 

4 Easy ways to upgrade a low ponytail4 Amp up the texture

Applying a sea-salt spray to your locks before styling into a pony will create great volume and beachy waves. Spritz extra onto the lengths of your pony for a more tousled effect.

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