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How to find your perfect summer scent

How to find your perfect summer scentWith the abundance of fragrances out there, it’s difficult to know which one to choose. Not only do you want it to smell amazing, but your scent also needs to be able to go the distance on those long, hot nights. House of Gozdawa is a local perfumery that uses only natural essential oils and carriers, so we asked their perfumer Agata Karolina Niemkiewcz to help us find our summer smell.

1 When it’s hot, you want to wear something that’s cool in character, like a perfume with a lot of green or wood with citrus. Warm weather makes fragrances more intense, so go for something that smells clean and is light on the nose.

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2 Knowing whether your skin is acidic or alkaline can help you with your choice. If your skin is prone to redness and breakouts, it’s acidic. If it tends to be drier and susceptible to wrinkles, it’s alkaline. Acidic skins struggle to wear lighter perfumes, so they should opt for jasmine, rose or something with a heavier robust floral base. If you have a more alkaline skin, you can play with fragrances containing teas and lighter flowers. 

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3 It’s a good idea to have two scents for summer, one for day and one for night. A perfume that’s too light or citrusy doesn’t work well in the evening, so swap it for something slightly deeper, but don’t go too spicy because of the heat.

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4 Invest more money in your summer scent than in your winter scent. Your increased body temperature opens up your skin, allowing you to really appreciate the full bouquet of ingredients and notes in a perfume.

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