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Real brides share the incredible ways they surprised their fiancé (on the wedding day!)

Real brides share the incredible ways they surprised their fiancé (on the wedding day!)These stories show what a little (OK, a lot!) of creativity and determination can achieve.

“We already had surprises for our guests; for example, Darth Vader walked me down the aisle. But Matthew is a huge Back to the Future fan, so I found a local guy with a DeLorean and had him show up during the cocktail hour!” — Rachel

“I had my bridesmaids carry signs down the aisle. When they lined up at the altar, their signs formed a message for Bob to see: ‘Here comes your super sexy wife!’” — Sloan

“My friend’s cousin was a pitcher for my husband’s favourite major-league team. He owed her a favour and showed up at our reception with a ball and bat and pitched a softball to Geoffrey. Then he posed for pictures and signed the ball!” — Anne

“My husband is obsessed with wrestling, so I decided to give him a memorable gift keyed to that passion. The venue where we were married was a botanical garden filled with plants and flowers — sophisticated and feminine. Everyone was surprised when the baker wheeled out a macho World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) themed groom’s cake. Best of all, Dan was thrilled!” — Arlene

“I’m a professional dancer, so I created a choreographed number that I performed with my bridesmaids, who are backup dancers. We danced in risqué fashion to songs like Beyoncé’s ‘Love On Top’. Later that night, I did an intimate striptease for Ben. He was thrilled by the first dance but enjoyed the second much more.” — Paula

“I sewed a tiny, loving message into his tie so he would find it while he was getting dressed.” — Vanessa

“His best friend is a soldier on tour overseas. Tim couldn’t get leave to come to the wedding, so I surprised my fiancé at the reception by connecting the guys on Skype so Tim could give a best-man toast.” — Lauren

“As a wedding-day treat, I paid a female photographer to take boudoir photos of me wearing Andy’s business shirt and nothing more. I gave the gift to Andy shortly before we walked down the aisle!” — Eva

Taken from Brides. Click here to read the original.

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