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Swipe right for love! Your guide to successful online dating

Swipe right for love! Your guide to successful online datingWhen it was first introduced, online dating had a certain stigma attached to it. Why would you meet strangers from the internet when you could just meet people in bars instead? These days, however, thanks to sites like and apps like Tinder, online dating has gained widespread acceptance, with its convenience and accessibility making it a popular choice amongst singletons around the world. 

Of course, as with any form of dating, it’s not without its pitfalls. So if you’ve decided to log on for love, taking note of these tips could help you finally find the right person.

It’s all about the profile picture 

Your primary photo is the first impression people will have of you, so make sure it’s a good one. It doesn’t need to be professionally taken, but it does need to be a high-res image and one that’s as flattering as possible. 

Be authentic 

Creating a profile blurb is always tricky, but the best way to connect with like-minded partners is to be as authentic and genuine as you can. People can spot a fake a mile away, so be sincere and be honest, and you’ll be on your way to attracting the right kind of match.  

Think about your first message 

So you’ve got a match, congratulations! Now you’ll need to actually start talking to them. “Hi, how are you?” is fine, but also yawn-inducing. Get creative with your first comment, such as “My first boyfriend’s name was also Oliver. That’s not you, is it?”, and you’ll set the tone for an engaging conversation. 

Meet up soon 

Chatting online to a match is a good first step; chatting for weeks on end without meeting up can be problematic. Either you’ll be friend-zoned or you’ll start creating an image of them in your mind that could be far removed from reality. Give yourself about a week or so to build a decent rapport, then casually suggest going for a drink and take it from there. 

Enjoy your date 

Once you’ve organised a meet-up, the hard work is done, so relax and enjoy your date. Don’t put too much pressure on yourself. If things don’t work out, there are always more matches to meet up with. Be open, be yourself and if you’re stuck for conversation, ask about their previous online dating experience, which is always good for an anecdote or two. And if one date eventually turns into two or three, you can officially call yourself an expert in online dating. Good luck!

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