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Are you an aspiring model? Here’s how to kick-start your career

So you want to be a model? Here's all you need to know!

Ever imagined yourself walking the runway beside Kendall and Gigi? Ever picked up GLAMOUR and pictured yourself in the fashion editorials? Well stop dreaming and make it happen! We caught up with the head booker at Fusion Model Management, Sean Lester Kovenc, and asked him everything you’ve always wanted to know about becoming a model.

Are there any physical requirements to being a model?

The ideal height for a model is 175cm with a waist size of between 24 and 32cm. We also have a fuller figured division, in which case the waist sizes will differ.

Do I have to pay a joining fee?

No, there are no joining fees involved. The only costs to starting out as a model are your initial test shoot, prints, portfolio and Z cards.

How do I go about contacting an agency?

It’s best to email an agency and include the following details: your height, your measurements, and a clear face and body photograph (make sure to use minimal makeup and keep your hair out of your face). You can also include any special skills you may have, such as singing, dancing, sporting ability and so on. These can be very useful in TV commercial castings, which are actually extremely lucrative.

What’s the best way to make a good first impression on an agency?

Be punctual, friendly and humble. Make sure you smell good, and that you have clean skin, hair and nails. Don’t let your clothes, hairstyle or makeup overshadow your beauty or your look. I always tell girls to come dressed in a white vest, skinny jeans and heels. Look natural but groomed, tie your hair back in a ponytail and wear minimal makeup, like a bit of concealer, a dab of blush, mascara and lip gloss. This ensures you’re prepared for Polaroid shots, and it will allow us to see how well you photograph.

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