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5 Get-gorgeous tips from a pro beauty model

5 Get-gorgeous tips from a pro beauty model

Tara Falla of Muse NYC models shares her beauty routine and confidence rules.

What are your makeup must-haves?

A brow pomade, a lip gloss and a rosewater spritz which is refreshing, hydrating and a great makeup setting spray.

Your skin secrets?

I drink a lot of water every day! I also apply masks regularly and use a good hydration cream.

What’s your favourite evening makeup look?

I dot on concealer, apply mascara and brow gel, then add a bit of contouring and highlighting (I want people from Mars to see that I’m glowing!). To shake up my standard look, I add a different colour lipstick every time. This is the look I rock for weekends and castings too.

How do you treat your hair?

My hair routine is pretty simple and easy: after washing and conditioning, I add a curling gel and let it dry naturally. I never use a dryer. Once in a while I mix castor, jojoba and coconut oils in a spray bottle and massage the mixture into my scalp.

The best beauty advice you’ve received?

I work with a lot of talented makeup artists and the best advice I get is to drink a lot of water and NEVER go to sleep with makeup on.

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