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How to hack the latest fragrance trend (and you don’t need to buy new perfume to do it!)

Perfume layering

Wearing more than one perfume at a time may seem silly, but it’s actually an excellent way to create your own bespoke scent – without spending hundreds of pounds to work with a perfumer.

Fragrance layering is – quite simply – combining two different perfumes together on top of one another, in order to make an entirely new smell.

Junior perfumer Alexander Lee says of perfume layering: “I always saw fragrance to be invisible pieces of clothing. For me fragrance combining is simply wearing multiple fragrances at the same time with the goal to create a personal olfactive form.”

He continues: “It’s an outlet for the perfume lover to be creative. In fact, a perfume is the result of combining singular perfume notes with other complex accords. Fragrance layering is like walking in the shoes of a perfumer!”

Which brands lend themselves to fragrance layering?

Any, really! Jo Malone is the pioneer in fragrance layering and offers fragrance consultations for customers where you can experiment with a seemingly endless number of combinations. Other brands we love to layer include (but are not limited to): Atelier Cologne and Maison Francis Kurkdjian.

What occasions are fragrance layering perfect for?

“There is no limit,” says Alex. “Fragrance combining can be used day to day to suit your mood, style or the season, or for that special occasion such as your wedding day.“

What kind of notes or families of perfume lend themselves to layering?

While Alex assures us there are no rules set in stone, he does recommend the following:

“By choosing very different notes and mixing fragrances from different families, you can create new fragrances with contrasts (instead of making a soup of similar smells). I think a good first step is to take a perfume that you love that has a strong signature and add or push a new facet with a specific note.”

Therefore, why not try mixing a citrusy scent with one that is oud-based, or a floral perfume with something more intense and sophisticated? It’s really about trying and testing as many combinations are you can. It’s a hit and miss process, but when you find the one you love, it’s all worth it!

What are some of the best combinations?

Celine Roux, Executive Director of Global Product Development at Jo Malone London, has a few firm favourites at the brand:

“If you wanted an energising scent, I would recommend our Wood Sage & Sea Salt Body Crème with the Lime Basil & Mandarin Cologne. This is a great combination; the lime and sea salt create freshness, but still with a woody warmth.”

“For a sensual, woody and warm scent, perfect for a wintery day, try our Dark Amber & Ginger Lily Dry Body and accessorise it with Wood Sage & Sea Salt Cologne.”

Her third recommendation? “Peony & Blush Suede with Mimosa & Cardamom; it creates a very opulent floral.”

Alex likes to add a citrusy top note (like Atelier Cologne’s Orange Sanguine, Bergamote Soleil, or Pomelo Paradis) to his base cologne, or a leathery, musky base note like Cuir d’Ange of Hermès. “For the brave, [you could] take an oud fragrance and layer it with your favourite perfume,” he suggests.

Our personal favourites? We love to layer body lotions, oils and hair mists with our eau de parfum to create some of the best combinations. For example, Maison Francis Kurkdjian’s new line of body oils and hair mists lend themselves perfectly to layering, as do Chanel’s new Chance Shimmering Gels, which you can use alongside the original Chance fragrance.

Jo Malone’s Wood Sage and Sea Salt Body Cream works with pretty much any scent on top, but a personal favourite is adding Honey Blossom & Nectarine.

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