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5 Engagement ring trends you need to know about

When it comes to engagement rings, diamonds will always be in style – but these exquisite alternatives shine just as brightly! Rose gold, coloured stones, mixed metals… it seems the sky’s the limit when it comes to gems and adornments. We chatted to Shelley Wilkinson-Rorich, trend and design manager at American Swiss, about the latest jewellery looks – some of which you may want to bookmark to show your partner later! Hint hint, nudge nudge!

5 Engagement ring trends you need to know now!
White diamond ring R40 299

1 The shape of you

Jewellery is all about self-expression, and what better way to express yourself than through the shape and cut of your diamond ring? Of course, if it’s coming from your partner, it’s also an expression of how they feel about you as well. Take a look at what these popular cuts say about you and your personality:

  • Round – you’re classic, sincere, and you love the finer things in life.
  • Princess – you’re intelligent and fun-loving.
  • Emerald – you’re open to the unexpected and exude confidence.
  • Cushion – you’re a romantic who’s brave, trustworthy, and who wants the best of both worlds; in this case, round and square.
  • Heart – you’re sentimental and passionate.
  • Oval – you’re elegant and sophisticated.
5 Engagement ring trends you need to know about
Black diamond ring R27 500

2 Black is back

When Big proposed to Carrie in Sex and the City, fashionistas across the globe sat up and took notice of her unique black sparkler. Since then, black engagement rings have become an ever-growing trend, particularly for bold, confident women with the chutzpah to carry them off. This season keep an eye out for black diamonds set in rose gold – a design that’s becoming more and more popular. 

5 Engagement ring trends you need to know now!
Morganite ring R9 799

3 The colour of love

Why go white when you can sparkle with all the colours of the rainbow instead? Try the cool blue of Tanzanite set in white metal, or the blush hues of Morganite perfectly showcased in rose gold. And let’s not forget birthstones too – another top trend that never goes out of style.

5 Engagement ring trends you need to know now!
Moissanite ring R39 999

4 Bigger is better (and more affordable too!)

Usually brides look to celebs for their ultimate jewellery goals – which means looking to rings that are often the size of a small planet. That’s fabulous for the A-listers, but out of reach for pretty much everyone else. Until now that is – thanks to American Swiss’ new partnership with Australian jewellery brand, Moi Moi. The result of this collaboration? The SUPERNOVA Moissanite, a rare, hand-cut, faceted precious gemstone – one that’s gorgeous enough to rival any Hollywood creation, and wonderfully affordable too! 

5 Engagement ring trends you need to know now!
Wedding band R8 299

5 Modern metals

Looking for a more classic band, either for yourself or your partner? Gone are the days of plain gold or silver – with metals like stainless steel, titanium, zirconium and palladium, wedding bands are becoming way more fun! And if you can’t let go of the #sparkle, add a small stone detail to your band for a little something extra.

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