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5 Tips for looking for a new job (while you’re still employed)

5 Tips for looking for a new job (while you're still employed)

Whether you need a new challenge, want to bump up your salary or just want to plain move on, looking for a new job is part of life. If you’re already employed, however, searching for new prospects can be a tricky task. Here’s how to go about it without landing yourself in hot water:

1 Leave Facebook alone

Posting about your job search on social media might seem like a fabulous idea, but it could land you up in a meeting with your boss sooner than you think. Even if you delete your superiors off your contacts list, you never know which of your other friends you may have in common. Play it safe and stay away from potentially harmful posts altogether.

2 Do it on your own time

Using company time and resources to search for a job may come back to bite you. Rather do your browsing and emailing on your phone during your lunch break. You won’t have anyone looking over your shoulder and you won’t get into trouble for misusing company property either.

3 Pay attention to your schedule

Interviews are best set either before or after work, or during your lunch break. The less company time you use for your appointments the better. Make sure your interviewer knows that you’re needed at the office during business hours – it’ll speak to your work ethic and professionalism, all of which are qualities that prospective employers look for.

4 Be wardrobe smart

Going from jeans and a T-shirt one day to a business suit the next is a dead giveaway. Be subtle with your interview best by starting to dress more formally right from the beginning of your job search. Then once you do show up at work in your actual interview clothes, no one will notice the difference.

5 Don’t slack off

Constantly on your phone, dressing formally and paying no attention to your workload? Way to keep your job search on the down low. In order to avoid suspicion, make sure your performance is as good as it’s always been and stay #focused. Once you have an actual offer, you can tell your boss; till then, keep your head down and work.

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