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All the fashion girls are loving this unexpected accessory

While we typically await the trends to come out of fashion week, there’s always an element of surprise once we discover just what those up-and-coming pieces are. That’s especially true with the topic of today’s post: the baker boy hat.

Not to be confused with its somewhat-similar French counterpart, the beret, the baker boy (or newsboy) cap has a soft, malleable upper with a short brim in the front. Another, less illustrative way to describe it would be harmless but random — hence our confusion when we noticed every street style star from Kendall Jenner to Kate Moss sporting the style over the last few weeks. But we don’t blame them, not only is the simple accessory handy for those bad hair days but also oh-so-chic!

See our favourite looks here:

Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker

Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker  Baker

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