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Get your festive on with these novelty items!

It’s officially time to look forward to Christmas 2017. Why? Festive themed clothing, duh! Christmas is kitsch, it’s fun, and it’s festive. Whatever your fashion status quo, you can afford to mix things up around the holiday season. There are options for everybody, whether you want to go all out, or simply opt for something subtle and with just 6 days left before Christmas, are you looking to add a dash of cheerful flavour to your wardrobe for Christmas? We know we are! Here’s our edit of the best Christmas fashion buys for you to show off all over Instagram because it’s well, Christmas. (How many times have we said the word Christmas?)

Mango 1199

Red satin dress Mango R1199

Mrp 119.99

Festive pyjama set MRP R119.99

Cotton On 30d


Reindeer robe Cotton On R299

Topshop 19p

T-shirt dress Topshop R399 55d

Purple sweater R700

Boohoo 18p1

Festive knit jersey R300

Beyonce 55d

Green crew neck R700

Boohoo 18p

Off the shoulder knit R300

Topshop 55p

Wreath polo neck Topshop R950

Mrp 50

Open-back tee MRP R50

Mango 249

Red printed tee Mango R249

Cotton On 3d

Laundry bag Cotton On R30

Woolworths 350

Santa Claus Ornament Woolworths R350

Accessorize 3.50p

Santa socks Accessorize R60


Lovisa R120

Reindeer earrings Lovisa R199

Accessorize 7p

Festive underwear Accessorize R120

Lovisa R150

Santa earrings Lovisa R199


Reindeer props Woolworths R99.95

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