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Struggling to make ends meet? Get a second job!

Struggling to make ends meet? Get a second job!

It’s no secret that times are tough. And even if you have a well-paid full-time job, money just doesn’t seem to go as far as it used to. If you’re struggling to pay off debts or to simply pay for groceries, it might be worthwhile taking on a second job. But what to do and where to start?


Sit down and take a realistic look at how many hours you can afford to set aside for a second job. If you already know that you have 12 hours a week free for secondary work, you’ll be able to match potential opportunities to your availability. 

Do something different 

If you already spend eight hours a day behind a computer, spending even more time at a desk might drive you mental. Consider finding a job working outdoors instead. The new environment could give your second job some excitement and be more stimulating for you as well. 

Keep an eye open 

Go about your usual business, but keep your eyes open. Perhaps your local florist needs a weekend delivery person. Or your favourite restaurant needs new staff. Opportunities are around every corner, you just have to be open to them.  

Go online 

Specifically social media. If your community has its own Facebook page, check it regularly for people posting about odd jobs, babysitters, housesitters and similar. You’ll be earning an extra income and making friends in the process.

Start freelancing 

If your skill set lends itself to freelancing, why not start making contacts and working in your spare time? You’ll be able to set your own rates and hours or even work towards being self-employed full-time. Just make sure that your current job doesn’t have any clauses about moonlighting or restraint of trade, and get to work!

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