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4 New Year’s work resolutions you have to make

4 New Year’s work resolutions you have to make

Quit smoking, lose weight, run a 5K… these are all common New Year’s resolutions, and valuable ones as well. But what about when it comes to your job? Are you making any commitments to your career path for the year ahead? Here are the top four you might want to consider. 

Learn something new 

Technology is shifting at a rapid rate, as are business trends. In order to stay on top of new developments in your industry, take the time to educate yourself by learning something new every day. Read online articles and books, chat to colleagues in different departments, ask questions, learn a new software program – the choice is yours. The more you upskill yourself, the more valuable a commodity you’ll become. And your pro-active attitude is bound to get you noticed come promotion time

Take a break 

It might seem counter-productive, but actually scheduling regular breaks can help to boost your overall productivity throughout the day. If you’re the type of person who tends to work right through without giving yourself time to recharge, short 15-minute breaks at regular intervals can help to clear your mind, and keep you refreshed and alert for longer. You don’t necessarily have to leave your desk, but even a quick chat with a colleague can help give you the mental clarity you need to regroup and refocus. 

Step out of your comfort zone 

You know that thing you’ve always been scared of doing? It’s time you went ahead and did it. Whether it’s giving presentations, speaking up in meetings, being assertive with colleagues – whatever your developmental area is, it’s time to address it once and for all. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a huge move forward both in terms of professional and personal growth, and can help your confidence grow. It’ll make you a more valuable employee and it’ll go a long way towards helping you take the next step up the ladder.

Have fun 

Life isn’t all about work, it’s about play, too. And that means being focused and productive at work, and making time for your favourite people and places when you’re done. Happy people make happy employees, so leave your work at the office once you’re done for the day, and make a concerted effort to enjoy life. Whether that means going out with friends, getting out in nature or simply enjoying a good book and some peace and quiet, make 2018 the year of balance, and you could find it the year of overwhelming success, too. 

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