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5 Tips to choosing your wedding party

5 Tips to choosing your wedding party

Flowers, invites, decorations, seating charts, the venue, the dress. When it comes to planning a wedding, there are a million decisions that need to be made. But while some are small, others are far bigger, and have the potential to cause endless headaches and internal politics if not handled correctly. Like choosing your bridesmaids, for example. How do you go about picking your wedding party?

1 Make a list

Start by making a list of all the people you’d like to ask. Generally wedding parties are made up of family and very close friends – people who you can trust to support you during the planning stages and the ceremony itself. Think about who fits that description and who’d be willing!

2 Pick a number

Traditionally bigger weddings have more bridesmaids and groomsmen, while smaller ceremonies have just one or two. Think about the number that would be most appropriate for your particular service. Don’t forget to chat to your groom. It’s not a rule to have exactly the same number of people in your wedding party, but if he’s decided to have two groomsmen and you have your heart set on eight bridesmaids, your side may look a little lopsided during the marriage vows.

3 Decide on duties

Do you need your bridal party to send out invites, help you choose your dress, organise your bachelorette and/or hen party or pack gift bags? Who would be most suited to each role you need them to fill? Be honest about your expectations when asking.

4 Think about costs

Traditionally bridesmaids’ dresses used to be covered by the bride and groom, but in recent years these expenses have been taken over by the bridesmaids themselves. Consider that your potential choices may not have the necessary financial resources to cover what you expect them to. Be prepared to speak to them about it before announcing the party so they have the option to opt out or so you can come to a solution you’re both happy with.

5 Have fun!

While your wedding party is on hand to help and support you, they’re also in charge of keeping you sane. Wedding planning can be hugely stressful and the more upbeat and enthusiastic your bridesmaids, the more you’ll enjoy the process and stay calm throughout. Make sure the people you have by your side are people you can count on and you won’t go wrong.

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