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Women with vitiligo are finally getting the attention they want

Winnie Harlow

“Why blend in when you can choose how to stand out?” The question sounds like a tagline for your typical makeup ad, but CoverGirl’s new foundation campaign released Tuesday was anything but. In it, model Amy Deanna, who has vitiligo—a skin condition that causes a loss of melanin—uses two different shades to highlight her hypopigmentation. Not even 24 hours later, UK fashion brand Missguided unveiled mannequins with vitiligo. The news of both exploded on social media, along with an outpouring of excitement, particularly from women who have the condition.

With these positive, wide-spread examples of vitiligo in the news, women are hopeful it’ll lead to more necessary conversations around the condition.

To celebrate their beauty we have decided to post some of these confident women who are embracing their “imperfections”

I’m just ready for crop top season.

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Ficus lyrata 🍃 – @alexandra_stanic

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Such a throwback 😻

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