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Top 3 boy bands you should know but probs never heard of

Pretty Much Boy Band

If you’re anything like us, you’re probably still feeling extremely depressed about One Direction’s break up, and are in desperate need of some cheering up. As you’ve probably noticed over the past few years, finding a good boy band can be a pretty difficult task. So we put our thinking caps on, and searched Youtube to find the next wave of boy bands.

Take a listen.

Pretty Much

Discovered by boy and girl group guru, Simon Cowell, this Canadian-American boy band is currently giving us all the feels.



K-pop is having a major moment in music right now. After their mind-blowing performance at the American Music Awards last year, the Korean boy band ‘BTS’ is currently listed on Billboard’s Top 100 Boy Band Songs of all time.


In Real Life

This adorable set of American crooners kinda remind us of a younger version of 90s boy group, 98 Degrees.

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