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Nicole Richie re-created her early 2000s looks, and it’s too good

The Daily Front Row Fashion In Media Awards 2016 Red CarpetI distinctly remember uncovering a brown Juicy velour hoodie in a South Carolina discount store 12 years ago and telling my sister to buy it because Nicole Richie had the same one. Those comfy, monochromatic confections were the pinnacle of capital S Style between 2001 and 2006. If you wore one, you were practically just a Blackberry message away from scoring a guest spot on The Simple Life — which, let’s be real, was everyone’s dream back in 2003.

Richie was a Juicy velour trailblazer in many ways; she made it the must-have item of the early aughts. In fact, she — and Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan, the Olsen twins, and Ashlee Simpson — defined that whole era of fashion. Big sunglasses, scarves as hats, maxi dresses: All those items harken back to a simpler time, when we lied about our ages on MySpace and Nickelback ruled the charts.

But sadly those days are long gone. Yes, early 2000s fashion is making a comeback, but it’ll never be the same. Never again will we see Lohan wear a bucket hat and talk about her feud with Hilary Duff. Or watch Hilton text on her sidekick while wearing head-to-toe Von Dutch. Or see Richie drink a big Starbucks latte while rocking even bigger sunglasses.
Actually, we can see that last one. Richie teamed up with Paper magazine to re-create some of her most iconic 2000s looks, and the photos are so good that I feel compelled to sing “Stars Are Blind” to strangers on the street.

“Just as I was prepared to lock up the early 2000 Nicole & throw away the key, @papermagazine asked me to re-create some of my looks for the most fun photo shoot I’ve done in a long time,” Richie posted on Instagram, alongside some pics from the shoot. “I got to play with wigs, small dogs, and laughed for about 8 hours straight. So here she is, in all her glory… minus the Percocet. Love you! 💅🏿”

Seriously, I’m screaming. I’m crying. I’m attempting to sign back into my AIM account (DUDE ITS CDAWG 7—I was pretending to be straight). Check out the pics for yourself, below:

Taken from GLAMOUR UK. Click here to read the original. 

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