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Skin-glow lessons from Moneoa

Problematic skin can cause so many insecurities. We try various routines, sometimes they work and at some, they don’t or they work for only a short period of time. It’s hard! This thing of having the freshest skin. It is daily maintenance. Which is why it can be daunting and why we can fall into traps and perhaps, do it wrong sometimes. But our favourite celebs are getting it right and because we have to always be in the know, we asked Moneoa, who recently shared her life story with us to put us on.

When it comes to her skin, she’s admitted that she goes crazy with her skincare routines. “I have had a battle with acne for a while. I’ve had a problematic skin since I was a teenager, so I’m extra careful with my skin.”

Eat fruits 

I do eat junk food but I do take a break and opt for lots of fruit.

Drink water and healthy juices

I drink a lot of healthy juices like cranberry juice, pomegranate juice, ginger juice, and lemonade juice.

Honey for sugar

I swap sugar with honey. I stay away from sugar.


I use a lot of aloe vera on my face. And I mix it up turmeric, egg yolk, and milk. I make a lot of facial DIYs and I also use a lot of Garnier products.


I go for facials and derma care treatments.

Less make-up

I try to not wear too much make-up and when I do, I tone and cleanse my skin. I wash it and leave it be to let it breathe.

Rest up

When I do feel like sleep, I sleep. A lot.

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