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5 Life-changing platforms for the working mom

Working Mom
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Balancing a demanding full-time job, while being a mom of one or more can be tough. On one hand, you want to be the best mom you can be, by being present and spending quality time with your precious brood. On the other hand, you want to give your all at the office, by making your way up the corporate ladder and ensuring that your kids are well provided for. To make your life as a working mom a tad simpler, we’re breaking down the top five sites and apps you need to bookmark today.


As any working mom would know, the time spent grocery shopping can be used for so many other things. So don’t hesitate in downloading the ingenious grocery delivery app, Stockup. Currently, the app is able to deliver groceries from Woolworths, Dischem, and select liquor outlets within South Africa. Download here.


Can’t find the time to clean, or perhaps your trusty helper has fallen ill; simply schedule a clean with the touch of a button. The SweepSouth app is sweeping South Africans off their feet with their convenient cleaning service that connects you with a cleaner in a matter of minutes. Sign up here.

Working Motherhood podcast

Podcasts are a great source of working mom motivation. The Working Motherhood podcast covers topics like “Negotiating flexibility at work,” and “Building a side business.” Expect to hear expert advice from working mothers in the fields of finance, hospitality, and the arts. So pop on your headset while sitting at your desk, or play in your car when dropping the kids off at school or creche. Listen here.


Keep abreast of daily news on the go with Flipboard. The app allows you to view news from your favourite magazines, blogs, and newspapers from around the globe. Flip through on your lunch break, or use those five minutes before your first-morning meeting. Download here.


Make mealtime interactive and fuss-free, by enlisting the help of your family in preparing quick and easy meals from Ucook. The meal delivery service provides pre-packaged ingredients in the exact measurements, complete with an easy-to-follow recipe, to create dishes like cajun fish tacos and coconut chicken curry. Sign up here.

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