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The 2nd best gift you can give mom this Mother’s Day

The best thing a mother can give her child is love. After that, the second best thing a child can give her mother is PANDORA jewellery!

Pandora Mothers Day Gifts

“The new PANDORA collection takes Mother’s Day beyond the stereotype, honouring the diversity of motherhood with exceptionally crafted, hand-finished jewellery inspired by different types of mothers.”Says Cathy Qama, Marketing Manager of PANDORA.

Too many beautiful jewellery pieces to choose from? Don’t fret. To help you find the perfect gift for mom, we’ve narrowed down our three favourite items from the collection.


For the adventurous mom

If your mom is the kind of woman who enjoys trying out new looks, then you should consider gifting her with the PANDORA Floating Locket.

The picture-perfect locket, made from sterling silver, is completely customisable, and would best complement strong mothers who have a penchant for all things glamorous and feminine.

For the inspiring mom

The PANDORA Shine Pendant, which features inspirational words in 18k gold-plated sterling silver, is ideal for the motivational mom who always has words of wisdom to share with those around her.


For the loyal mom

A brand-new PANDORA Mother’s Day charm will honour a loyal mother’s unwavering support and transport her back in time to a favourite memory with you.

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