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Serve up some winter soup deliciousness

SoupChicken winter soup isn’t just good for the soul – it’s good for the waistline, too, especially in winter when the need to eat comfort food is strong. So don’t reach for a slice of pizza; reach for one of these bowls of healthy deliciousness to keep you slim and trim for summer!

Chicken and vegetable soup

Grate your choice of soup vegetables into a pressure cooker, and add four whole free-range chicken breasts. Season with salt and spices to taste, as well as your choice of packet soup or flavoured thickening agent (and a bag of rinsed split peas if desired). Fill the pressure cooker with water until the full line and press the ‘Soup’ button. When the soup is ready, remove the chicken breasts, shred and return to the soup. Serve and enjoy!

Chicken and sweetcorn soup

Broil and shred four chicken breasts, then add to a soup pot along with a tin of sweetcorn, vegetable stock, chilli and seasoning to taste. Fill with at least a litre of boiling water, bring to the boil, then simmer for approximately 20 minutes. Add two large handfuls of baby spinach a few minutes before serving and stir through till wilted.

Quick and easy vegetable soup

Buy a pack of pre-cut soup vegetables or chop up your own and add to a soup pot. Mix 20ml dried vegetable or chicken stock with a litre of boiling water and pour over the vegetables. Add a can of tinned tomatoes, as well as salt, pepper and dried Italian herbs to taste. Bring to the boil, then simmer for 20-25 minutes, seasoning further if necessary, and serve once the vegetables are cooked to your desired consistency.

Roast tomato soup

Drizzle olive oil over chunks of tomatoes, red onions, garlic and red pepper, season with salt, pepper and fresh basil, and roast in the oven for 30-40 minutes or until tender. Cool the roast vegetables and blend in a food processor with more fresh basil till smooth. Add to a soup pot and heat, thinning with liquid chicken stock if the mixture is too thick and seasoning further if necessary. Once the soup is at the desired temperature, serve with fresh bread for an extra winter treat!

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