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Style advice from Beyoncé’s fashion guru Ty Hunter

Believe it or not, but styling Beyoncé can be a little intense. Especially for red carpet events and her performance looks where basically the entire world has their eyes on you. But somehow Beyoncé manages to slay every time! And who is responsible for this? Mr Ty Hunter. The legend has been styling Beyoncé for almost two decades, along with many other celebrities and socialites. GLAMOUR got to sit down with him and pick his brains about all things fashion. Read on to find out what he said:


What are your favourite trends this season?

I hate to say this but I’m anti-trends! Everything is so trendy now and so many people are starting to look like fashion robots that I just like to go against the grain. I’m a huge fan of timeless pieces. I want a woman to look back at pictures of herself and say “damn I looked cute” and still be able to wear those pieces today. If I am dressing someone who is very trend-driven then I will try and do it as subtle as possible.

What’s your one go-to item to stand out from the crowd?

For me, it’s not an item of clothing, it’s how you feel about yourself inside. You’re not born with clothes on, your skin is your number one outfit so if you don’t feel good in that outfit you’re never going to feel great about anything else you wear. I truly want women to get to a place where they’re not comparing themselves to one another and can be happy and confident in their own skin.

How do I start loving myself?

My number one rule is to take a social media break. Social media is slowly ruining our lives and our confidence. How many times have we scrolled through our feeds and thought, “oh why don’t I look like that” or “I also want to be in that exotic location”. So the best thing to do is to take a step back and appreciate what is around you and not what you could have.

What is the best way for women to dress according to their body type?

It starts with knowing your body and what you like about it and therefore want to show off. But one of the most important things to me is undergarments. If you don’t have the proper undergarments on it could ruin the whole look. So invest in a good underwear collection that includes all styles, fits and colours. It’s war under these clothes so we have to be prepared!

What is your secret trick when it comes to styling?

Always having the correct colour undergarments. So many times you will see stars on the red carpet in a sheer dress and you can see their underwear. I take the time to dye the garments to their exact skin tone. So if Beyoncé goes on holiday and gets a little tan, I have to then dye the garments a little darker to match. You might think she’s naked under those gowns, but she’s not that’s just my expert dying skills.

What is one stand-out moment in your career?

My top moment in my career is coming to place where I really know who I am – as a person and as well as a stylist. I’ve had many moments in my career where I actually had to pinch myself but sometimes you find yourself putting everyone ahead of you and it’s so important to put yourself first but not in a selfish way. I’ve been blessed in my career so to still be humble and staying true to myself has really been the best part.

5 essentials every woman should have in their wardrobe?

Proper undergarments obviously!
A well-tailored black suit.
If you find a jean that fits you please go and buy it in EVERY wash!
A nude shoe.
An investment coat that will take you through many winters.

How is the South African fashion compared to the states?

I think the women here are so beautiful, you guys carry your individuality so well and you’re not so cookie-cutter. You’re not afraid to embrace what makes you different whether it be with the colours you wear or the prints that you choose. You always find a way to keep it unique.

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