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This beauty blogger showed the difference between African and American makeup

beauty bloggerIt comes as no surprise when people say Africa is on the rise and these beauty bloggers are making it known. One of the first videos that were noticed on Youtube was made by beauty blogger Omoyuki where she filmed a makeup tutorial showing the differences between Americans and Nigerians do their makeup.

She goes through the differences in the way their brows are done which you can clearly see the difference in the end result. She also shows how Americans opt for the dewy looking skin by adding tons of highlighter whereas Nigerian women prefer the matte look.
Omoyuki also highlighted the fact that bold eye makeup looks are the in thing in the U.S. right now while a classic smokey eye still reigns in Nigeria. She also mentioned that Americans will forever be obsessed with contouring. The last noticeable difference between the two is the lips. Americans are still into the nude, full, Kylie Jenner-esque looking lips while Nigerians love a classic lip.

Maranatha, another beauty blogger from Nigeria filmed a similar video echoing whatOmoyuki had to say.

Do you agree or do you think there are other differences these ladies missed?

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