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Asanda Sizani spills the tea on her top travel essentials

This week our Editor In Chief, Asanda Sizani jetted off to Hamburg one of the African fashion panelists speaking at the Museum fur Volkerkunde. So, we asked her to spill the tea on her top travel essentials. 

Travel Essentials Asanda Sizani

“I have been invited by Ugandan born, Hamburg based, Beatrice Oola, who is the founder of Africa Fashion Day Berlin. I have travelled to Berlin in 2013 to attend Mercedes-Fashion Week Berlin, but have never visited Hamburg. Flying from Jo’burg, where I am based, to Hamburg via Zurich is no joke, so I have to stay comfortable. I always pack light (and very last minute), and ensure my hand luggage has everything I need.

Here are my top travel essentials.

I live in Happy Socks, Toe Porn or Skinny Sbu socks. It’s easier for me to travel wearing socks and sandals, as opposed to a sneaker of a heavier shoe. When I settle into my seat, I like to immediately kick back and relax.

Slides are my go-to shoe of choice. I have embellished pairs as I love really decorative shoes.

I am opposed to the idea of suffering for the sake of fashion. I have Adidas track pants which I have had for years. Comfortable, easy, and on arrival, I am not creased and looking disheveled.

I don’t like to worry about my hair during long-haul flights and connections. I usually wear a beanie, my trusty ones being LUC. (Lulo Urban Culture).

I layer on serum and a hydrating cream a few times inflight. At the moment I am using Skinceuticals Metacell Renewal B3. The Skinceuticals HA Intensifier and the Sisley Black Rose at night. Keeping your skin nourished and allowing it to breathe is super important. I don’t recommend traveling with makeup on. Mask if you need to, hydrate and allow your skin to breathe and heal itself while you enjoy in-flight entertainment.

Asanda Sizani Travel Essentials 2

In terms of luggage, I currently use my trusty Lipault suitcase. Their bags are very lightweight and easy to wipe clean. I prefer not to check my luggage in (too many bad experiences), so I need a suitcase that’s compact, lightweight and easy to lug around.

I always have gentle face wipes on hand. I’m currently using Johnson’s wipes for sensitive skin.

Don’t forget your lips, they suffer too from the dry air. I use anything from good old Vaseline to Clarins lip oil.

Sunscreen is important. Before I land, I like to lather up in my Nimue sunscreen. I love it because it’s the one sunscreen I tried that didn’t leave my skin looking grey and ashy. So I’ve stuck with it since. I sometimes dab a bit more of this sunscreen on the high points of my face as a highlighter.

Lastly, stay hydrated. I believe in drinking as much water as possible – your body and skin will thank you for it.”

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