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These are the six biggest bridal beauty trends of 2018

bridal beautyThere’s no beauty look more personal or pre-planned than the one you wear on your wedding day. While we all want a look that’s unique, there’s endless bridal beauty inspiration to be found online.

Bridal looks are becoming more and more daring, as people are throwing away the classic white dress and bringing in new colours and fits, and makeup is no exception.

According to, more people are experimenting with non-traditional bridal lip colours and eyeshadows, and Pinterest has rounded up the most searched-for bridal trends in 2018.

1. Pink eyeshadow

Stepping away from the classic fresh, nude look most brides tend to go for, pink eyeshadow is something that has been seen all over Instagram and the catwalks this year – and it’s been officially brought into wedding culture, with searches for pink eyeshadows up by 45% on Pinterest after it featured massively during Bridal Fashion Week.

2. Berry lips

So long, nude lips! 2018 brides are going MAD for bold, berry coloured lipsticks and with searches up 71% for these shades, it’s a trend we think will last all year long.

3. Dewy highlight

I mean, we all love a dewy highlight, but it could be here to stay in the world of weddings as Pinterest searches are up a whopping 343%.

4. Cream blush

Cream blush is a major love or loathe product, but for brides wanting a more natural look, the geniuses at Glossier are almost certainly the reason that searches for cream blush are up 196%. You’ll be left with a gorgeous, dewy finish that you could almost pass off as natural emotion.

5. Full lashes

Nothing feels as good as having a full set of lashes looks. They open up and brighten your eyes, which is what every bride wants on the most important day of her life, right? It explains why searches have rocketed by 150%.

Taken from GLAMOUR UK. Read the original here.

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