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GLAM night out handbag essentials

When heading on a night out, it’s always hard to know what to bring with you and what to leave behind. Yes, yes. We know you definitely need to bring that bronzer, and those flip-flops for the walk home and that can of hairspray and those six tubes of lip gloss…

But being laden-down with stuff on a night out can be a bit of a nightmare. It’s crap having to lug a heavy handbag around all night, and if you’re carting a huge bag with you, you have to keep an eye on it, lest someone nicks a few of your belongings.

Here is the GLAMOUR-approved guide to the handbag essentials that you’ll need on a night out.

The Bag.

elie saab handbag

Elie Saab Prefall 2017 (POR)

Let’s begin with the vessel itself. If you’re looking at a long night on the dance floor, forget the designer bag. Let’s face it, you might lose it.

Instead, opt for a simple, black sling bag. They’re guaranteed to match with almost any outfit and they’re big enough to hold all the goods.

The Goods.

Think minimal. You don’t want some bulging bag hanging on your hip. It’ll make you feel like a grandma. There’s a line between prepared and over-prepared.

Apart from the obvious bank card, phone, ID, and some extra cash in case of emergency, these are the bare necessities you’ll need for a glam night out.


Because it tastes good and just in case you’re meeting up with someone special you’ll want him to think you taste good — and smell good.

Stimorol Chewing Gum Spearmint Pick n Pay R8.49

Oil control sheets:

You’re probably going to end up busting your best dance moves so this means potential perspiration. Keep your hands off your face because that could be a bit of a mess, rather head to the bathroom to blot your face with some shine fixing sheets. Your skin will thank you.

Matt Control Paper Clicks R54.95

Handbag-sized perfume:

Pick up a couple of those little samples at your local beauty store to delicately spritz yourself with something a little fresher. Just go easy there tiger. You don’t want the whole joint smelling like YSL.

elie-sb-perfumeGirl of Now by Elie Saab (POR)


Lip Ice:

Lip gloss is sticky and gross. Slip a little lip ice under or over your red lipstick to get a moisturised, smooch-able look.

Labello Lip Balm Clicks R24

Hair accessories:

Because they’re like having a tiny beauty ninja in your pocket. They can fix nearly every hair dilemma, including a much-dreaded, flat-hair situation.

Invisi Bobble hair ties R99


Between the DJ’s beats and the multiple glasses of champers, your morning is feeling more painful by the hour. Avoid any potential hangovers with some preemptive painkillers. It’ll potentially prevent any blinding headaches.

Panado Clicks R29.99

Portable charger:

This can be a potential lifesaver. Especially if you’re far from home, and need that emergency uber, but also so you can keep all your followers updated on all the fun you’re having.

handbag essentials

Charging phone case R309

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