Initially, her venture turned a few heads, with some questioning the risks, health hazards and durability of the business. But others were confused as to why people were so shocked about it.
See some of the reactions here:

So this got us thinking, what else is out there for hire that might not be your everyday thing? We did some digging and this is what we found:

Hiring a husband

Are you nearing that age where your parents are starting to question if you’re ever going to get married and settle down? Feeling the pressure of your ovaries slowly turning to dust? Do you have a wedding coming up and need a date ASAP? Well, fret not because in 2018 you can now hire a husband! We are yet to find proof if anyone has tested this service out but we can assume it will all end in awkward vibes. Thoughts ladies?

Professional mourners

BBC News shared a story recently about a group of women in Ghana. They run a business where people can hire them out to mourn at funerals. And you might not believe it, but, these women actually make a living off attending strangers’ funerals. The fee depends on how big the funeral is. So we can assume they’re attending pretty big funerals to be able to survive off of this. Bizarre

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