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How to achieve a natural face beat

It’s pretty impressive when our celebrity favs opt to go make-up free and still look banging but not all of us are that brave, we like a little confidence booster. And there’s no better way than to go for the most natural look we can master. Contrary to popular belief, the natural look is not as easy as it seems, though absolutely do-able.

So, we enlisted the help of celebrity make-up and hair stylist, Morag Steyn, who shows us how to and shares tips and tricks on getting the no make-up make up look just perfect on a darker skin tone.

Brown sisters already know what a struggle it is to even get our hands on a shade that precisely matches our skin tone, so the natural look can get a little messy.

Presenter: Simamkele Matuntuta; Make-Up Artist: Morag Steyn; Videographer: Arthur Mukhari; Video Editor: Vine Lucas  Music: Reynold Gabriel King 

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