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5 minutes with Gina Jeanz Mwoombola

Our favourite DJ, model, and music producer, Gina Jeanz Mwoombola was recently announced as one of the South African Babes of Missguided. So we picked her brain on her cool-girl style and girlboss work ethic.

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What is your hustle when you aren’t being “femme and fierce”?

When I’m not being “femme or fierce” I’m spending time with myself, learning allowing myself the space to connect and let go. Self-love is so essential and beneficial in the long run so I make an effort to always make some personal time during the week.

Are there any links between your personal style and your music? And if so, what?

When it comes to my performances I definitely plan ahead in terms of what effect I’d life my outfit to have and even though I may not be in the forefront when I DJ I just love that the garments give me that boost, looking good makes me feel great and I love having that energy when I perform.

What is your favourite power garment and why?

 My favourite power garment is a combination of classy and casual. A clean grey classic suit is always ideal and allows me to switch between being a minimalist and adding a pop of colour for those moments when I want to stand out.

What makes a Missguided Babe in your opinion?

To me a Missguided babe is confident, she showcases this trait with her unique style and personality. Clothes in general give us the opportunity to express ourselves and a Missguided babe is definitely expressive.

What is your go-to Missguided babe look: Street Chic, Power Dresser or Casual Cool? And what are three must-have items for this look?

I’m stuck between street chic and casual cool, I love to mix and match but I definitely gravitate towards casual cool. I’m always on the go and love being able to dress up as the day progresses and I think a casual look allows for that built up. My three must have outfit for this look is statement jeans/trousers, even though you’re rocking a casual outfit you can still stand out. Accessories are so important, whether it’s a hat/cap or beautiful earrings and my last item would be a great pair of sneakers.

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