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How PUMA is slaying the chunky sneaker trend!

Meg in her PUMA Thunder Electric Wns”

If you’re a committed sneakerhead like me, then you’ll know keeping afloat with the latest trends can be both exhausting and exciting. For many years the “clean” silhouette has dominated the sneaker scene, but a new almost unconventional trend has crept into the streets and into my heart. The chunky sneaker. Blame it on the Spice Girls or even Sketchers, but this “dad-like” shoe has been seen on the feet of every celeb and self-proclaimed fashion influencer. Suddenly the word “clean” has been thrown out the window and everyone is about the chunky look. So who is the guilty party for bringing this trend back into reality? Well, if my research is correct I would have to say that the Balenciaga “Triple S” silhouette was the one who started it all. Suddenly celebs like Hailey Baldwin, Kendall Jenner and Rihanna started rocking the kicks and from then on they were seen on the streets of every fashion week.

The seemingly orthopaedic style has suddenly become fashionable. And one of my favourite sneaker brands caught on to the trend and are slaying! (If I do say so myself.) PUMA did what they do best and took the trend to something undeniably PUMA but also undeniably new all at the same time. Despite taking a liking to it in the first place, the chunky silhouette has grown on me since they started releasing their new silhouettes.
So here I’ve listed some of my favourite PUMA sneakers that resemble the chunky sneaky trend. Enjoy!

Thunder Desert wns for R2 299

RS-0 Sound for R1 899

Thunder Electric Wns for R2 299

Muse Maia Graphic SM – R2 699

Amp XT for R1399

DEFY Mid for R1899

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