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Grown-ish star, Yara Shahidi and her mom talk beauty

Grown-ish star Yara, 18, says and her mom, Keri, 48, try to be open to life: “We say yes more than anything.”

Yara: “I’ve had the good fortune of having you by my side for everything. Others don’t have a parent on set with them. I remember starting Black-ish and having high-def makeup on all day, a strip of eyelashes. There’s a weird correlation that happens between being ‘ready’ and being doused in makeup. We’ve had conversations about separating the two.”

Keri: “I’ve passed on the very basic idea that you are exactly who you are meant to be. Makeup is fun, but going barefaced should feel normal. We talk about health more than anything. Right now, we’re on day five of [drinking] celery juice because it’s supposed to be good for your body, and we both have a sweet tooth.”

Yara: “Collectively we have a lot of sweet teeth.”

K. S.: “[But I’m happiest] that she’s the most compassionate human being I know. She has a sense that her voice matters all the time, in every situation.”

Yara: “I’ve had you saying that my voice matters.”

Keri: “You’re nature [not nurture]. I always tell people that she kind of landed on the planet hardwired to be conscientious and grateful, open to learning and wanting to be of service.”

Yara: “Thank you! Oh, snap.”

An excerpt taken from Allure. Read the original here

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