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Elevate your seductive nature with NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge

NARCISO Eau de Parfum RougeYou get some one-hit-wonder fragrances and then you come across a passion-filled fragrance that grabs you right by the lapels. NARCISO Eau de Parfum from New York designer, Narciso Rodriguez firmly belongs in the lapel-grabbing category. It’s like a classic red lip in fragrance form.

NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge is their bold new entry in the trusted Narciso fragrance line.

What makes it different from the rest? “With this new chapter, I wanted to elevate the seductive nature of the original NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge is not only sexy; it arouses passion,” says creator Narciso Rodriguez, “It is the epitome of femininity: NARCISO Eau de Parfum Rouge is sublimely seductive.”

The NARCISO fragrance line has always embraced colour as a key element. The colours chosen for each scent are carefully considered. The vivid red of Eau de Parfum Rouge captures the fierce powers of attraction.

The signature heart of musc is animated by an exquisite floral bouquet of Bulgarian rose and iris; vivid amber woody notes—tonka, vetiver, black and white cedar.

The new image of Raquel Zimmerman celebrates the dual nature of femininity with a sultry pose. Zimmerman evokes vulnerability and strength, grace and passion; her gaze is unwavering and bewitching. The visual is as tantalizing as Eau De Parfum Rouge itself.

If you’re looking for something that’ll create an instant presence and set pulses racing, meet your new confidence-boosting go-to scent.

To discover more about the fragrance, visit their website here!

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