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The average woman apparently thinks about quitting her job 17 times a year

Are you happy in your job? It’s a question we ask ourselves more often than not, and with good reason.

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As one of the defining aspects of a person’s identity, choosing a career path that not only helps you financially but also makes you happy is of utmost importance. But it seems not all women are all that satisfied with their current jobs, with a new survey finding the average British woman thinks about quitting 17 times a year.

According to the study, which was carried out by the Association of Accounting Technicians, women “consider leaving” their current job almost 20 times per year—with a little over a quarter of the participants (34 percent) saying they have taken the plunge and switched careers.

The study didn’t outline exactly how strong a feeling these 17 times were—did these women actively look for new jobs 17 times a year?—but it does shine a light on how modern women are feeling restless in their careers.

The study also found some interesting information about the state of our workplaces in 2018, revealing that the average woman works about 32 hours

per week—or 1,668 hours per year. It also found that women work slightly less overtime than men.

It found that the women studied commuted on average 133,256 kilometres over the course of a working lifetime. Which, despite the survey being conducted in the UK, sounds like an awful lot of train time that we might be privy to in Australia, too.

But potentially the most pressing of all the research? Apparently, the average woman will have five office romances over the course of her career—a factor that might just be contributing to her desire to leave said job?

The lesson here: quit your job if it doesn’t make you happy, ladies.

Taken from VOGUE Aus. Read the original here. 

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