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10 Things you’re doing to ruin your skin

(Yes, you. Stop it.)

1 Using expired beauty products

When used after their sell-by dates, products’ preservatives may have run out, or they may have picked up too many contaminates; both of which make them unsafe for use. You should replace mascaras and any other eye products after two to three months and everything else every six months to a year. OK? OK.

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2 Cleansing too much

Yep, you read that right. If you’re plagued with breakouts or problem skin you may be tempted to reach for the foaming cleanser and accompanying scrub. But by doing so you’ll be stripping your skin of natural moisturising oils. Use an oil-based cleanser to help regulate sebum production.

3 Not cleansing enough

But don’t think that’s an excuse to go to bed with your makeup on, OK? Nothing leads to clogged pores and breakouts faster. Even if you can only face a quick sweep with a wipe at the end of a busy day, never go without.

4 Enjoying yourself too much

Consuming too much sugar, salt, booze and caffeine can all have a negative impact on your skin. Too much sugar breaks down collagen and elastin in the skin, which can lead to premature ageing. Salt and caffeine dehydrate your skin, while booze also dries out skin and can leave your complexion dry and blotchy. So if you’re headed to a party just have a couple of drinks and drink plenty of water. Fun.

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5 Sloppy SPF application

Yep, you’ve covered the T-zone and cheeks, but what about your hairline, ears and jaw? And the neck? Oh, and you threw the bottle out when you saw a couple of clouds? Tut tut, must try harder.

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6 Smoking

Other effects aside, smoking breaks down elastin in the skin, breaks down collagen and causes a dull, yellowing complexion. It’s not too late, though, once you quit, you’ll start noticing improvements after just a couple of weeks.

7 Not sleeping

Duh. You know this already but if you’ve been burning the candle at both ends you’re probably starting to see the effects on your skin. If you’re having trouble dropping off don’t be tempted to turn on Netflix; the bright screen will suppress melatonin, which not only makes you sleepy but aids skin cell turnover. Try a relaxing bath or listening to an audiobook instead.

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8 Not showering straight after the gym

Sure, you’re enjoying your post-work-out glow, and you’ve got your heart set on a bath when you get home… but not rinsing straight after exercise can cause breakouts on your face and back.

9 Not washing your makeup brushes

Bacteria, bacteria, bacteria. Oh, and on that note, you should be washing your face cloth after every couple of uses, too.

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10 Having your shower too hot

It dries your skin out. So cool it.

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