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10 Valentine's Day beauty looks you’ll want to try!

Whether you’re spending Valentine’s Day with your partner, bestie, family or even treating yourself. There’s no reason why you can’t attempt trying one of these bomb looks that’ll enhance your outfit. These looks are suitable for any occasion - even the office!

Major glam

Who said there had to be any limits? We’re going all out with this one, by colour blocking and adding all the shimmer and glitter we can possibly find. In this case, there’s no such thing as too much colour.

A soft love

There’s nothing like a fuschia lip paired with wispy eyeshadow swept across the lower lid. With a fluffy natural brow. This look gives just enough hint of modern love with a hint of elegant glamour.

The minimalist

When in doubt, just go for what you know. You know how the saying goes, right? Less is more, and in this case if you’re aiming for a Zendaya dupe then less is definitely going to hit the spot and still look flawless and pretty good.

Soft & Sultry

You’re looking at just the right tones, positioned perfectly in every place. Go for rose shades on your eye palette and ensure that you keep the tones muted on your cheeks and lips for a harmonious final result.

Fierce & Bold

Looking to make a major statement? Well you’ve certainly come to the right place, for the right look. You’ll definitely have compliments rolling in as this look is a complete winner, turning heads with not doing much else.

Pink Romance

The bolder, the better we say. Go on and pack on that pigment on that pout so it can be the pleaser of the night. A muted lid and a flush of blush on the cheeks is the order for the night.


This just says pink heart candy in more ways than one. Just swoop a muted pink tone all over your lids, blend, blend, blend and pair with a nude gloss to bring it all home. And voila!

Classic bold red lip

There’s nothing that shouts VALENTINE’S DAY quite like a popping, classic bold red lip. Go in with a red liner, to the line the lips before coating your pout with a long-lasting lipstick to seal the deal.

Subtle & Soft Monochrome

We’re celebrating warmth and love, aren’t we? Well, this look hits the mark and checks all the boxes on our memo. We’re here for expressing our love right from our lids to our lips with all the same colour. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!

The smoke

Who said the classic smoke with a defining black eyeliner is outdated? This might just very well be the perfect recipe for a sexy Valentine’s dinner with your love, or even a hot night out on the town with your bestie.

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