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5 Exfoliators that’ll leave you glowing

The easiest way to amp up your skin’s radiance factor? With exfoliators! We adore these face and body buffers – and they’re locally made too!

Optiphi Refine-Foliant


An active chemical exfoliant, this product works to smooth your skin to add radiance. 


Made with natural ingredients, work this scrub in circular motions on your limbs. It’ll remove dead skin cells, enhance circulation and moisturise at the same time.  


This exfoliator gently dissolves dead skin cells and clears blocked pores for a glowing complexion. 


Containing Bio-Active Rooibos and plant extracts, this product sweeps away impurities with added apricot seed and aloe leaf. 


Suitable for sensitive skin, this enzymatic exfoliator eliminates dead skin cells gently. 

Regular exfoliation will make your skin look younger, feel smoother and prepare it for an effective skin cleaning routine. Here are 4 tips for doing it right. And check out these  5 exfoliating products for fancy feet!

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