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Beauty trends that are coming back around in 2022

These trends always seem to come full circle. We dive into the trends that are already exploding in 2022 and are here to stay.

Full and fluffy brows

The instagram brow is now a thing of the past, and today’s brows are full and fluffy. Take yours to the next level by adding pigments of colour.

Tip: For optimal results, have your brows laminated or take the DIY soap brows route.

Graphic liner

Fact: eyeliner is the new eyeshadow. Just when you thought there couldn’t possibly be any more ways to wear it, these neon, bright, double, straight and fiery lines emerged.

Bold lips

A nude beat and popping pout? yes, yes, and yes!

Glossy lips

This ’90s trend has made a comeback and is the object of our desires, masks aside.

Statement blush

Some like it soft and subdued, others popping and plush! either way, we’re here for it.

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