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BEAUTY YOUR WAY: Everything You Need To Know About The Body Shop’s Inclusive Makeup Range

In case you are 5 seasons behind, The Body Shop which we all know and love to have the best body products (let’s bag them for stocking fillers) has now launched a cruelty-free, vegan-friendly makeup range that truly inspires you to celebrate the liberation of self-expression. We sat down with them to share more about the purpose-driven vision behind the range.

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GLAMOUR: Tell us a bit about the purpose behind the new makeup range offered by THE BODY SHOP?

THE BODY SHOP: Our make-up renovation began with the Fresh Nude foundation, and soon followed the rest of the range. This renovation was designed to change the way we look at makeup. We want to encourage our customers (and those new to The Body Shop) to discover what makes them uniquely confident and be the truest version of themselves. Not only can makeup be seen as a form of self-expression and making you feel your best, but the way we work with makeup at The Body Shop is also purposeful in terms of our products.

In addition, the new generation of make-up also means following our Changemaking evolution, with hardworking formulas powered by natural origin ingredients.

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GLAMOUR: Can you share the vision behind the product formulations?

TBS: We wanted to explore make-up and self-expression using hardworking formulations powered by skin-loving ingredients.

The renovated make-up range is now formulated with efficacious skincare ingredients at their base, such as Vitamin C, hyaluronic acid, Vitamin E, aloe vera and tea tree.

This means that our customers can shop confidently knowing that not only is the make-up that they buy at our stores fully vegan, ethically sourced and sustainable, but it also provides skincare benefits.

GLAMOUR: Why was creating an inclusive range important?

TBS: Freedom To Be is the creative expression for our make-up range, which is a powerful call to action to confidently embrace your true self – and self is not limited to social conformity! We are an inclusive brand that aims to visually and creatively represent all gender and ethnic identities and fight to end the stigma around traditional beauty ideals.

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GLAMOUR: What is something really special about this range that makes it different from the other product offerings available from the brand?

TBS: All products are cruelty-free and vegan-certified with some now coming in 100% recyclable and refillable packaging, such as our pep talk lipsticks which can be purchased alongside a refillable aluminium case. Freestyle includes multitasking and easy-to-blend colour, suitable for lips, cheeks and eyes.

The formulas are ethical and naturally inspired with zero compromise on performance.

GLAMOUR: Let’s talk about handbag essentials. What are the 5 products you should definitely have in your handbag this season?

TBS: Freestyle multi-tasking colour – lips, eyes, and cheeks covered!

Frame It Brow Pomade for perfectly sculpted brows on the go.

Tea Tree Face Base for a quick touch-up and mattifying look.

Vitamin C concealer to brighten up the face.

Second Skin tint for a light, almost nude make-up look.

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GLAMOUR: What is it about makeup that enhances your natural beauty?

TBS: The Body Shop’s make-up truly reflects the quality, personality and principles of the brand. Our make-up enhances your natural beauty but also allows you to be yourself and embrace self-love which is key to the brand.

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GLAMOUR: 3 tips for newbies to the brand?

TBS: Prep your skin before applying makeup. Using skincare products before the make-up application is essential. The skin is plump and fresh and it increases the longevity of make-up.

The multipurpose freestyle works fantastically when blended in with a soft sponge or a make-up brush

Our foundations are buildable. So you can create a natural fresh-faced look or for more coverage apply a second layer.

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