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5 Flattering hairstyles for your face shape

Image: Pexels.
Image: Pexels.

We love daring hairstyles. Whether it’s afro, bald head, braids, wigs; whatever it is, how we wear our hair plays a role in making us feel good.

To find a perfect hairstyle, it is best to understand the shape of your face. So no matter what hair texture and face shape you may have, there is one that was made just for you.

To make it easier, Thomas Tsheola, a hairstylist from Darling Hair has helped us put together a list of five styles for different face shapes.

Oval face

If you have an oval face, you will notice that the forehead and jawline are approximately the same widths, while the chin is rounded in shape with no hard lines. A suitable hairstyle for you would be long braids. But because faux locs are very much in trend, perhaps you could try the Jozi Lite Dred.

Image: Pexels.

Square face

If you have this face shape, the jawline is likely strong, broad and square in appearance. Short to medium length hair will suit you, especially if the style is rounded in shape or has wispy ends. Styles with height at the crown like the Malaysian Deep Curl Weave will also work in your favour.

Deep curl is perfect for a square face. Image: Supplied.

Round face

The characteristics of a round face include wide cheekbones and a rounded chin with no hard lines. Hairstyles with height and fullness at the crown will give the illusion of a narrower face shape, particularly those short in length like the soft spiral strands.

If your face is round in shape, don’t be shy to rock an afro. Image: Supplied.

Heart face

With a face longer that has a wide width, any textured chin-length hairstyles like the bob braids will suit best.

Even these cool buns look nice on a heart-shaped face. Image: Supplied.

Oblong face

If both sides of your face are straight and the chin is pointed, you should probably go for styles in medium and long lengths like twists.

Try out these thick twists. Image: Supplied.

Pro tip: Do not stay with the same hairstyle for longer. Also, let it breathe now and then.


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