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5 Ways to take care of natural hair this summer

Although Summer is a great time to let down your hair and show off your Afro, it's still vital that you protect it. 

Tips from hair care expert and founder of African hair care product, Nilotiqa, Thokozile Mangwiro.

We preach moisture. In the mornings when the hair feels dry, use a sprit spray bottle of water mixed with a detangling cream or nourishing oil. African hair is characterised by its kinky curls and grows close to the scalp. It is this structure of the hair that makes it challenging for the hair’s natural oils to travel down the hair strands to its tips. A moisturising oil that will reach the roots of your hair so it stays well-nourished all day through the heat is a must. 

Do not style hair that is dry. Always ensure that your hair is slightly damp before styling. A dab of water and a deep moisture butter is great for styling, it also protects the hair from breakage.

Shampoo, then deep condition your hair with a replenishing conditioner at-least once a week. Deep conditioning helps your hair retain its moisture so that even if you do find yourself in the crazy heat, the hair has enough oils to stay well nourished.

Always trim split-ends! This is not a favourite for most African women but it is key because by cutting your split-ends, you allow healthy hair growth whilst protecting your hair from breakage.

Avoid excessive heat drying of hair! Say no hot hair dryers or hot combs, allow your hair to air dry, keeping in mind that the Summer heat is hot enough.

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