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9 biggest haircut trends to have on your radar this season

Autumn's heading our way and while it's set to get colder, the bonus is, the season offers up some truly dreamy autumn haircut trends. So, what are we imagining we'll be rocking alongside our knee boots, jeans and roll necks?

Lash-skimming fringes, soft layers and slinky bobs are all on the menu for this season's major hair trends. The question is, which autumn haircut will you choose? We asked leading hair stylists for their predictions.

The grungy midi

Grunge-girl hair has been growing its fan base for a few seasons, but the 2023 version is a little more glam. The grungy midi is is a progression of the shag. “It's a lot more wearable as it incorporates the roundness and layering from the ‘90s Rachel cut,” says Dom Seeley, International Creative Director at ColorWow. “It’s a shorter version that you can do to hop on the trend – think: Jenna Ortega. It’s great as it works on pretty much the majority of hair types. but it's also perfect if your hair lacks volume and movement as it really encourages texture,” says Dom.

The Italian bob

Also having a mini glow-up, is this season's “It Bob” haircut, which is looking a little sleeker. Bobs are sticking around," confirms Dom. “Hailey Bieber and Zendaya are really at the forefront,” he says. The beauty is, they offer versatility, be it “cool girl, grungy or more on the glam voluminous shiny side of the bob,” says Dom. Classics like the French bob are still in style, “but the Italian version of the bob has really come into its own. Zendaya is a perfect example of how the Italian bob can be worn. Waves, volume and curl give real sex appeal to a short crop and make it more wearable and classic. Think of this as a progression on from '90s supermodel but for short hair. It's chunky, rounded and full bodied,” Dom explains.

The aesthetic fringe

Florals are for spring and fringes are for autumn. There's nothing like some extra insulation for our foreheads to keep us cosy as it gets colder – even better if it looks chic. Personally, we're loving a wispy, lash-skimming situation. But we've also seen the skinny fringe having a moment and celeb hairstylist, Lorraine Dublin, is even predicting that “short fringes” will take off. There's so many renditions to fit your own aesthetic.

Juicy curls

We love curls year-round, but heading into colder drier months, the focus will be on hair health and combatting the moisture-sapping weather. Juicy curls are the rebel movement that sticks two fingers up to the wind and rain, then uses them to scoop a whole dollop of hair mask onto strands. To get the best out of curls, regular cuts are necessary. Celebrity hairstylist, Dionne Smith, recommends taking a curated approach is important. “The best cut for those with curly or coily hair is one that grants the opportunity to work with the hair's natural texture such as the Deva Cut. This trend sees the stylist cutting on Afro hair in its dry state, with the curls cut section-by-section to allow the hair to fall naturally,” she says. And, while you're in the salon, ask for deep moisture treatments.

Rich girl hair bows

The “preppy” and “expensive hair” movements have collided with the boom of hair bows. We've been seeing them all over the red carpet, all over social and all over the hair of our fave celebs and influencers. Heading into autumn, we're here for velvet, silk and organza hair bows added to ponytails and updos. And they work perfectly alongside plaid prints, blazers and loafers.

The Fox Cut

Animal cuts have been leading the pack. See: the butterfly cut, the jellyfish cut and the wolf cut. Now, it's the turn of the Fox Cut. While the wolf is shaggier, the Fox Cut has a little more glamour to it. It still relies on layers, but they're longer, more subtle and deliberately structural, falling around the cheekbones, jawbone and clavicle. “The fox cut has emerged as an evolved and sophisticated version of the wolf cut hair trend, offering a more subtle yet glamorous look,” explains pro hair stylist and Wella's Colour and Trend ambassador, Jordanna Cobella. Perfect if you want something a little longer and more polished that still has volume and texture.

The tailored crop

Want to lop the lot off for the new season? The tailored crop is the way to go. We've seen cuts getting shorter with the rise of the bixie (bob-pixie) and mixie (mullet-pixie) and we love a softly-spiky chop. Despite being short, there's loads you can do to personalise it to your bone structure and vibe, so speak to your stylist about face-framing options and the length of the back and sides for a cut that's totally tailored to you.

Polished updos

After a decade of beachy waves and messy buns, glam hair is back. Our obsession with sleek ‘90s blow dries has infiltrated our approach to updos, too, which is why we’ve seen a rise is slick, sophisticated styles like softly-snatched buns and braids. We are most definitely on board.

'80s bedhead hair

On the flip-side, mussy textures are here if you're in the opposite camp to above. Indie-sleaze waves are once again doing the rounds and “the '80s look is coming back again, so you'll find that bedhead hair, but with more precision, is the style that clients are opting for,” says Lorraine.

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