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A stylists guide to metal detox

Did you know that your hair also needs to detox? Shelene Shaer winner of the acclaimed L'Oreal Professionnel Style & Colour Trophy Award in SA is not only one of SA’s top colourists but has also fallen in love with L’Oreal Professional’s latest disruptive innovation ‘The Metal Detox System’ “it’s a total game-changer taking the world by storm” says Shaer - so we asked her to tell us why this service works wonders on the clients’ hair, and what exactly is Metal Detox?

“Metal Detox is a three-step professional protocol that takes place in professional hair salons designed to trap and neutralize metals. Metal Detox is a full-service system that keeps hair healthy during a colour service while vastly improving the colour outcome giving incredible results in colour, balayage and lightening services. It effectively neutralizes metals in the fibres of the hair, leaving clients with soft, silky hair with 87% less breakage and 100% reliable colouration results. Its next-level for colourists and clients alike” enthuses Shaer.

So, what exactly are metals? Metals come from the environment varying in amounts worldwide; they aren’t a danger to hair but they are the enemy when it comes to colouring or lightening hair. Our water contains an excessive number of dissolved minerals/metals including copper, calcium and magnesium resulting in what is known as ‘hard water’ which affects your hair colour adversely. For example, a large amount of copper will lead to a dull brassy tone. In addition, the metals that are found in hair have a chemical reaction with H2o2 (hydrogen peroxide) making in-salon colouring less predictable. “By using the Metal Detox protocol, we can ensure perfect colour results. The key function is to lock and neutralise all metals in your hair prior to colouring, ensuring that the colour is seamless, long-lasting and shines like never before,” comments Shaer.

The metal detox system neutralises metals found in your hair. It features an active ingredient known as glucosamine, an innovative synthetic molecule thin enough to penetrate inside the hair fibre and neutralize metal. Glucosamine gently attracts built-up metals inside the hair fibre and effortlessly detoxes each strand which prevents metal deposits from interacting with the oxidants in the lightener resulting in less breakage. “Copper, in particular, is the true enemy of hair colour as it clusters the hair strands. In layman’s terms, little explosions occur in the hair shafts, breaking them down due to the copper exposure in hard water. To avoid this, we need a molecule to block the copper so breakage is avoided.

There are four different elements in the Metal Detox service:

  1. The Metal Detox Pre-Treatment
  2. The Metal Detox Sulfate-Free Shampoo
  3. The Metal Detox Conditioner or Mask. The Metal Detox Pre-Treatment is the most important factor.

Before you begin the colouring service, the pre-treatment is applied to dry hair its job is to neutralize the metals. Your colour or lightener is then applied to the hair without rinsing the pre-treatment. Once the colour process is complete the metal detox sulfate-free shampoo is used removing the metals from the hair— like they were never there! The system includes a choice in the protective care: a metal detox conditioner or mask. If the client has fine hair, we recommend applying the lighter conditioner and the mask for medium to coarse hair these will strengthen and nourish the hair after colouration these leave the hair hydrated and silky. There is also an at-home regimen to maintain post-colour results. This regimen will protect the hair from interacting with metals in-between colour, maintain colour vibrancy; and care for the hair after service.” notes Shaer.

We think that anything that enhances your colour has to be a win, so sign up for your hair detox and get your shine on with the ultimate glossy locks.

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