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Color Care Changed Forever

Beach blonde, beaming brunette, bright pink and purple - color is personal and determines style and confidence. Tasarnia Dhuloo ( @tasarnia), Loretta Hove ( @lorettahove) and Jessica van Heerden ( @jessica_vanheerden) represent a wide assortment of hair colour, textures and hues.  Highlighting the connection women have with their hair colour, each shares her color story and proves that there is no longer a need to sacrifice healthy hair for vibrant color.

Moroccanoil introduces the colour care collection. Used together, the collection addresses all of the daily environmental stressors that cause color to fade and become brassy. After 10 washes, the Color Complete Collection is scientifically proven to extend color life and vibrancy by 100%.


Gentle and sulfate-free, Color Continue Shampoo extends the life of your hair color by restoring hair health. Every time you wash, COLORLINK™ technology continuously repairs both chemically and physically so that hair is better able to retain color.


Formulated to restore hair’s health with each use, Color Continue Conditioner features a nourishing, sulfate-free formula that continuously helps rebuild the keratin structure and lock in color using COLORLINK™ technology.


By shielding hair from environmental factors including UV rays, pollution and thermal damage, Protect & Prevent Spray helps reduce brassiness and fading at the source. This weightless leave-in conditioner also features ArganID™ micro-encapsulated technology to repair and seal the hair cuticle.

WATCH: Go behind the scenes with Moroccanoil as they introduce  colour care collection with Jessica van Heerden,  Loretta Hove and Tasarnia Dhuloo.



Follow the story of each of the influencers on Glamour’s Instagram Page.

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