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Easy Steps to make the flawless High Pony

Don't think of it as a hairstyle to do only when you're in a hurry or before going to the gym: the high ponytail is a hairstyle with personality. Extremely elegant and timeless, the ponytail has been loved over the years by Madonna, who showed off a very long one during her Blonde Ambition Tour in the '90s, but also by Barbara Eden in the show I Dream of Jeannie. And then, there were Ariana Grande, Jennifer Lopez, Naomi Campbell and Beyoncé, who made the high ponytail their trademark, or chose it for an iconic look that has gone down in history.

A hairstyle for gathered hair that is perfect not only for keeping strands away from the face and neck, but also for obtaining a slight lifting effect. It is essential, however, to do it expertly, pulling the roots just enough to not make it appear dull, but also avoiding looks that are too constructed and unnatural. How do you do a ponytail ? The technique is the same as that learned as children, with the addition of a few little tricks to respect the nature of the hair and personalize the hairstyle, playing with textures and accessories.

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“Jawline rule”, the jaw technique to make the perfect high ponytail

When you do a ponytail, it's important to consider the shape of your face and the texture of your hair, but not only that: according to TikTok beauty experts , in fact, it's essential to observe your jaw to understand where exactly to place the ponytail. Better known as the jawline rule, it consists of drawing an imaginary line that, from the jaw, continues towards the head until it passes the ears and identifies the exact point where to gather the hair in a ponytail. In this way, the hairstyle will be positioned just above the occipital bone, enhancing the cheekbones and chin.

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The essentials for making a perfect ponytail

Thanks to its simple and unfussy nature, the high ponytail is perfect for being “ accessorized ” as desired with bows and scrunchies , but also maxi hair clips and jeweled hair clips . To complete the hairstyles with a high ponytail, then, you also need a polishing spray and a fixing hairspray, to ensure maximum hold and lengths with a glossy effect. Small details that can transform the hair, helping the ponytail to adapt to every occasion and type, going from the gym to the red carpet.

How to make a classic high ponytail

Made with your own hair or with extensions , to create the high ponytail you need a brush, elastic and hairpins. For a flawless result, there are just a few steps to follow:

  1. Comb your hair and gather it back, at the back of your head, using a brush to eliminate dips and bumps;
  2. Holding the lengths, use an elastic band to tie the tail;
  3. Finish the hairstyle by freeing a few strands to frame the face or, on the contrary, using gel to obtain a rigorous effect.
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High and elegant ponytail: a red carpet hairstyle

Undeniably practical, the high ponytail can be transformed into a refined hairstyle. The effect to be sought is very natural, soft. The key is to structure the lengths so that they are light and can wave following the body. In this case, there are only two steps:

  1. Queue as normal;
  2. Give structure to the lengths using a texturizing spray

The smooth high ponytail hairstyle

It has a futuristic and haute couture allure : the high and smooth ponytail is perfect for highlighting the lengths, depriving them of any movement. In this case, the most important part of the hairstyle is the preparation of the hair. To do this, remember to:

  1. Detangle hair, eliminating knots;
  2. Straighten the lengths until you obtain a smooth, shiny, frizz-free result.
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High ponytail: wavy or with curls?

On wavy or curly hair , the high ponytail is done naturally, taking advantage of the volume of this type of hair to create a ponytail that does not go unnoticed. A solution also suitable for those who have straight hair, but prefer to see the lengths move with waves and curls , even if held back by a ponytail. To amplify the effect, you need to proceed with two fundamental steps:

  1. Make two separate pigtails, placed one on top of the other;
  2. Slightly open the top ponytail above the elastic and tuck the bottom ponytail in, from bottom to top, joining the sections and creating a ponytail with extra volume.
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The high ponytail with braid

Romantic and warrior-like, the high ponytail with braid combines two hairstyles in a single braid. In fact, gathering your hair in this way allows you to trap the lengths and play with accessories, enriching the braid with ribbons or jeweled elastics that can further structure the hairstyle. Here's how to do it:

  1. Gather your hair into a classic high ponytail;
  2. Braid the lengths, enriching the hairstyle with ribbons, clips and bows
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How to make a high ponytail with a middle parting

A look made unforgettable by Kim Kardashian and the 90s and 00s aesthetic, which has come back strongly among the trends also thanks to Barbie : the high ponytail with a middle parting has an elegant and slightly popstar soul. With a very simple appearance, it can be created in 5 simple steps:

  1. Divide your hair in half with a central parting ;
  2. Obtain the front tufts by sectioning the hair;
  3. Gather your hair into a ponytail, positioned at the same height as your forehead, using hairspray to pull the roots tight;
  4. Using the gel , work on the front strands, combing them backwards until they are secured to the ponytail;
  5. Use a fine comb to remove any imperfections.

High and messy ponytail

It takes five minutes to make and, to be flawless, it must be absolutely imperfect: the high and messy ponytail is made by gathering the hair without pretensions, keeping it away from the face with an elastic band and leaving a few loose strands around the face. Here's how to do it:

  1. Gather your hair with your hands, without pulling the roots too much;
  2. Increase the messy effect of the hairstyle by backcombing the lengths , disheveling them properly.

How to do a high ponytail with extensions

If you want to add volume and length to your hairstyle, the ideal is to create a high ponytail with extensions . The process is much simpler than you might imagine, since fake hair, in most cases, is equipped with clips to facilitate anchoring to the hair. Precisely for this reason, creating the hairstyle is made up of only two steps:

  1. Start by making the high ponytail as you prefer, securing it tightly with the elastic;
  2. Apply the extensions , using hairpins to make the hairstyle more stable and resistant.

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